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Chocolate + THC = Yes, please

The League of Cannabiz has a penchant for all things chocolatey. And even though someone has mysteriously gone around biting off the ears of the chocolate Easter bunnies on my desk, those with more grown up expectations have been busily taste testing Bhang Medicinal Chocolates (which some might argue has helped with the creative process at 420 Web Pros)

A little info on the company:  The folks at Bhang come from chocolatier backgrounds and use Fair Trade Venezuelan cacao in all their chocolates; they even make non-medicated chocolates for high-end grocery establishments like Whole Foods.  Whether it’s for their non-medicated or medicated bars, Bhang maintains a high standard and uses only quality ingredients.  That goes for the cannabis they use too.  In effect, what you get is a product that’s lab and kitchen tested.  Safety, quality and consistency is what they’re going for and the result is a medicinal edible that’s won more awards than any other medicinal edible.

Bhang bars are offered in single, double and, for those of you who are up for it, triple strength dose.  Some bars are made from hybrid strains and others contain pure Indica.  Each bar is conveniently segmented into four sections so the tiny-waisted people can watch their caloric intake and eat in moderation as the rest of you lot greedily devour entire sections because you love chocolate oh so much.  There are also a bite sized truffles available.

Our testers, self-proclaimed foodies, happily sampled different Bhang bars and were asked to provide their opinions.

“The chocolate was amazing.  Aside from this being a medicated bar, the chocolate actually tasted like real gourmet chocolate and not synthetic chocolate.”  Belgian chocolates vs. old lady box of chocolates from the drug store.  Got it.

“Bhang changed the topping/recipe on their toffee bar.  I like this one out of all the bars the best but I like the old version of the bar better.  I think it had more sea salt.”  Try eating it at the beach then.

“I like the variety of flavors but I really like that proceeds from the CBD bar are donated to a cancer patient undergoing chemo at an L.A. hospital and that a dollar from the Fire bar sales goes to HIV and AIDS research and support.”  Charity and chocolate, always a lovely pairing.

“As a big guy, I didn’t expect that one section of the triple strength bar would do me in but it did, so eat it only if you don’t have to do anything later.  To be honest, I might still be high.”  Yeah, or maybe try the double strength bite size truffles next time?

“My favorites are the Pretzel bar and the Fire Chocolate bar.  The Pretzel Chocolate kind of tasted a little coconutty even though it doesn’t list coconut as an ingredient.  It has peanut butter in it.  I don’t know why but maybe my palate confuses peanut butter with coconut?  Either way, it was tasty.  The Fire Chocolate has a chili pepper on the packaging, which suggests just a little kick.  I think that’s pretty accurate.  Both are very delicious bars that satiated my chocolate craving.”  Satiated?  Nice vocab.

Overall, our tasters give Bhang Chocolates a 10 out of 10.  California patients, you can order your bars from Zen OC.

Our next blog will be from the Hemp Con in San Bernadino and Cannabis Cup in Denver!  Until then, have a happy 4/20!  Celebrate by eating chocolate.

Bars courtesy of


League of Cannabiz

WHAT?  It’s March already??!  Where did the last month go?  In our defense, February is such a short month and here at 420 Web Pros, we’ve been hard at work branding, designing, developing, back-ending, front-ending and doing all that stuff that keeps your business looking good.

Like always, we’re very excited about what’s been keeping us so busy.  In fact, we feel rather like superheroes because we have recently joined forces in this League of Cannabiz — our made-up superhero organization — with dabbado clothing who have just debuted their new t-shirt line, A Lil Dab Will Do Ya, which is sure to turn heads (and make some people scratch their heads as if they remember the Brylcream ads from the 1950s).  dabbado’s philosophy aligns with ours.  As the tags on their shirts say: We’re about passion, identity, lifestyle and being a part of a movement that moves with you. Join us. Be bold. Be a part of a higher society. Cool.  Why didn’t we think of that?  Oh right.  We did!  Because that’s what we do at 420 Web Pros.

Be sure to follow dabbado clothing on Instagram and like them on Facebook for giveaways and free shipping.  You can expect more “apparel for a higher society” from these guys in the future.

Also, drop by and see us at the upcoming Hemp Con in San Bernadino and for the High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver on 4/20.  Can we be in two places at once?  Of course.  We’re superheroes.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all.  Go get your green on.


2014: A Year for Cannabiz

It’s 2014, an Olympic year, a World Cup year, and perhaps more significantly for the cannabis community, it’s an election year and a year of change.  2014 might very well be the year of legalization.  With 20 states allowing marijuana for medicinal use, the passing of Colorado’s Amendment 64 and Washington State’s Initiative 502 for recreational use, and POTUS himself pointing out the obvious logic in decriminalization, 420 Web Pros shares in the exciting atmosphere of positive change.  States as diverse as New Hampshire, New York, Indiana, Maryland, Oregon, California and Florida all have bills or measures on the dockets for this year.  Even in Alaska, activists have secured enough signatures to get legalization on the ballot.  Come on.  Who doesn’t want to share a brownie with Sarah Palin?   It might even save a moose.

By now, most of us have seen the marijuana-themed Super Bowl XLVIII memes.  As the Super Bowl approaches, Commissioner Roger Goodell has stated that the NFL would consider medical marijuana to help players deal with head injuries.  Seahawks coach Pete Carroll echoed the sentiment.  That’s athletes.  As in professional athletes.  Whose league would foot the bill for medical use.   Things are definitely looking up.  Cotton Mouth Bowl, Weed Bowl, Bud Bowl, Super Bowl, smoke a bowl.  We like.

One other very interesting bit of news for the New Year is that cannabis business is evidently becoming more mainstream. We’re all aware that marijuana is a commodity, but now it’s hit the stock market (as if traders didn’t already know that). CNN Money reports “shares of companies that service the growing cannabis market have been blazing in recent weeks.”  In the year of 2014, there are 14 stocks to watch, according to Benzinga.  Not only will we be watching; we’ll be participating.  Take a look at some of our product design work.

Custom Packaging Design by 420 Web Pros

Whether you’re just starting out or are looking for expertise to grow your business via branding, packaging and/or digital marketing, 420 Web Pros and Brand Your Cannabiz are here to help get your presence known.  Actually, no–we’re not just here.  We’re excited, we’re enthusiastic and we love what we do.

Attitudes are most definitely changing, maybe not as quickly as technology is changing, but that’s why you’ve got us.  We’re poised to help the cannabis community grow.  At the end of the day, your business’ success is our success.  Happy 2014.


Rachel Maddow breaks it down: Change is Here.


Brand Your Cannabiz! Coming soon.

We’ve been working tirelessly here at 420 Web Pros to be the very best full service business solution company for the cannabis industry. Soon, we’ll be launching a new site that’ll make the process of branding your cannabis venture a breeze! Brand Your Cannabiz will launch within the next couple of weeks, stay tuned!


Congratulations Washington!

Truly a historical day for Cannabis!


Congratulations Colorado!

Congratulations to the state of Colorado for being the FIRST state to legalize recreational use for marijuana. You’ve opened a tremendous door of opportunity for all of us. Thank you for passing Amendment 64.


LOS ANGELES: Now’s the time to take your collective “virtual”.

If you own a medical marijuana collective, the recent decision by the Los Angeles City Council to place a ban on medical marijuana dispensaries is yet another speed bump in the goal of completely legalizing medical marijuana. While the ban is not expected to go into effect for months and could get held up in court, now is the time to examine what you should do with your collective should the city force you to close your doors.

The ban of medical marijuana dispensaries applies to brick and mortar locations. With that said, there is still a way to operate your collective without the use of a storefront. Seeing as how businesses are more frequently moving online, as witnessed in the business of movie rentals and music, the best way to maintain your collective is to set-up a virtual collective.

If you’re accustomed to the face-to-face interaction you’ve been providing at your collective, the first thought of a virtual collective may sound like it’s complicated. A virtual online collective, however, turns your collective into a delivery service and it actually provides ease and discretion.

Patients can sign up to become a member of your collective via a user-friendly interface on your website. Patients can then search your catalogue of medicine and add/edit/delete their selections via an online shopping cart. Your collective can then provide delivery to the patients’ residence. Patients can also track their order and view their own donation history.

The interface is also beneficial for collective owners, who can set minimum and maximum amounts for donation for individual patients. You will also be able to maintain a complete order history, along with the capability to keep track of trends and who your top patients are. Videos accompanying your strain menu will help educate your patients on the strain they are looking to acquire.

Another great service for collective owners is the Notification System that sends a message to your e-mail and mobile device every time a new patient joins your collective and needs to be verified. It will also notify you every time an order is placed so that you can fill the order. The most important notification comes in the form of one where the system will automatically disable an account when the patient’s expiration date has been reached on their doctor’s recommendation.

The other benefit of the virtual online collective is the ability to tailor your site toward medical and non-medical visitors to the site. Patients who are members of your collective will be able to order their medicine while non-members can still purchase merchandise like shirts, hats, and DVD’s.

One of our project managers will take you through a full training course on how to operate your virtual online collective before you make it available to the public.

The whole system takes three to four weeks to develop. Given the political climate surrounding medical marijuana, now would be an appropriate time to look into rebuilding your brick and mortar in the virtual world, and 420 Web Pros can make that transition run smoothly.


Redesign Success Story – Seattle Hempfest


We’ve all heard the saying “You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.” Even though that saying is becoming more outdated with the transition of books into e-readers, the saying still holds some relevance in today’s world. And while the saying may be true and wholesome, we are all guilty of judging something based on its appearance. That is why the layout and appearance of your website is so important. At 420 Web Pros we take great pride in all of our work, but especially when it comes to remodeling and improving the design of a website. One example of a successful redesign we recently accomplished is exemplified through our new partnership with Seattle Hempfest.

Seattle Hempfest occurs every year during the third weekend of August. This year it falls on August 17, 18, and 19. It’s free to the public and runs on donations each year. 2012 marks the 21st anniversary of the festival, which features five stages of musical acts and speakers promoting the positive effects of medical marijuana. The festival prides itself on being one of the largest and most sophisticated policy reform events in the world.

One of the first ways we improved the festival’s website was by making it more visual. We placed a scrolling gallery of images in the middle of the site to great visitors to the page. In the design of the old website, viewers were simply greeted by a layout of words. The change to being greeted by images eases the viewer into the site and doesn’t overwhelm the viewer with too much information a


ll at once. Visitors are now stimulated to delve further into the website, simply because of the addition of pictures on the front page.

Another thing we did was that we created some drop-down menus where links to desired information can be found under different categories. We then placed those menus at the top of the page where it’s customary on most websites to find navigation options. In the design of the old website all the links were simply listed on the left side of the website where the viewer had to scroll down the website and read down a long list to find a desired option. With the new design, the viewer doesn’t have to scroll. He simply has to hover over a category. It cuts down on the visitors search time and more neatly organizes the design of the website.

The most exciting new aspect that we added to the redesign is interactivity to the site. Rather than just having visitors seek information, they can feel as if they are a part of the site by viewing webcasts, reading the blog, or discussing topics in a forum. In addition, we also created a ticker on the bottom of the site counting down how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds until the start of the festival. Finally, to make it even more user friendly we created a language option for people of varied tongues to understand what Seattle Hempfest has to offer. Visitors are more likely to return to a website if they feel they are a part of an online community.

What we did for Seattle Hempfest is a redesign process that can be repeated for any website. If your medical marijuana collective, festival, or organization already has a website then you may want to examine how 420 Web Pros can enhance how you display your website to visitors.

Finally, we’d like to thank all of the people at Seattle Events for the opportunity to let us be just a small part of Seattle HempFest. We look forward to continuing to help and support the event and overall cause now and in future. Check out